As of September 27th, 2021, evolve Federal Credit Union has transitioned onto a new online banking system. This updated, more robust system comes with a variety of new features meant to enhance your digital banking experience. We want to thank our members who have already successfully logged into their new system and want to invite you to explore all the new amenities now available at your fingertips.

Here are some key features the new mobile app and online services will offer:

  • Make Transfers
  • Apply for a Loan
  • Open New Accounts
  • Link up External Accounts
  • Check Ordering
  • Apple Pay/Samsung Pay
  • Card Controls/ Activate Cards
  • Person to Person Payments (also referred to as P2P) allows you to conveniently and securely pay someone using their mobile number or email address.  
  • Through DriveWealth (an independent broker/dealer), members can now open different types of investments and retirement accounts and manage their assets through the app.  
  • There are three distinct Chat options:
    • Live Chat - Chat with an eBanker through messaging
    • Video Chat - Chat with an eBanker 
    • evolve Chat - Chat with a Bot
Important Things to Know.
  • Members will need to register for the new application and will be asked to enter their validation numbers, pick a new username/password, and select their security phrases. Click on the login feature from our home screen, then click on enroll to get started.
  • Please Note: Attempting to use your current username and password too many times will result in locking yourself out of your account for security purposes. You must create a new username and password. Your security image may appear incorrect at this time if you have not enrolled in our new system.
  • Bill Payees will need to be set up again in order to access the feature. The last day payment will be processed on the old bill payment system is 11/30. To access your old bill pay system, please visit Please note that you will need to use your old credentials to access our old bill pay system, and your new credentials to access our new online banking and mobile banking systems.
  • I can’t access my account/ My account is locked.
    If you are attempting to use your old username and password, you will not be able to log into online banking. After several attempts, you will be told you are locked out. Please click on enroll to begin the process or registering for our new system. Do not try to access our new system with your old credentials. 
  • My security image is incorrect, I don’t recognize it.
    If you are attempting to access your account using your old username and password, you will see an image that is incorrect. This is because your old credentials are now invalid. You must click on enroll to set up your new username and password. 
  • How do I set up bill pay?
    Bill pay set-up can be done on your mobile app or through online banking once you have established your new credentials and are able to log in.

    On your mobile device, you can easily add bill payees using your phone’s camera, simply by taking a picture of your bill. If you need to access your old bill pay account, you can do so here. Please note that any automatic payments you have set up on our old bill pay system will continue to process through the end of November. Therefore, setting up payments on our new system before then can result in multiple payments being sent out from your account.

Be Sure to go to the Google Play or Apple Store to download or update your evolve FCU Mobile App!

Mobile Wallet

Did you know you can load your evolve Federal Credit Union debit card onto your smart phone's Mobile Wallet? It's a fast and safe way to pay while allowing you to make purchases without touching any surfaces. You can send money securely and quickly to friends & and family. You can also visit the links below to learn more about each of the payment features and how to setup your debit and credits cards onto your mobile devices!

To learn more about evolve FCU's Mobile Wallet, you can read the following WhatsUp blogs: How-to-Setup Mobile Wallet and 3 Reasons to Switch to evolve FCU's Mobile Wallet.

For more information about our digital services, please contact our eBanking Center at 915. 593.5866. They will be happy to help!