Blog Article: March 17, 2021

evolve FCU has refined a recipe of success for its members and their financial future. This recipe is a perfect blend of Membership Plan benefits combined with Patronage Dividend* annual payouts.

As a contributing member to our credit union, you will begin to climb up the Membership Plan tiers and start earning your unique benefits. This includes avoiding account fees, earning percentages off your loan rates, and receiving higher-earning CD rates. Additionally, all Plus, Platinum, and Diamond Elite members in good standing become eligible for the Patronage Dividend*. The cherry on top is your membership status is calculated by Household. That means that when any of your family members bring their accounts, loans, and deposits to evolve FCU, you all benefit!

Not all credit unions payout dividends but evolve FCU finds it necessary to reward and thank its shareholders for choosing them as their financial institution of choice above the rest. evolve FCU's President/CEO, Ken Walters, states that "as a cooperative, evolve understands we are only as successful as our membership makes us. With the implementation of the Membership Plan and the loyalty of our members, evolve FCU is still the only credit union to give back a dividend of this magnitude in El Paso."

For five years in a row, our credit union has generated positive reoccurring earnings. In 2019, evolve FCU paid out a Patronage Dividend* of $2 million for a successful 2018. The 2020 pandemic forced us to adapt quickly to the current economic and environmental changes. Throughout the year, we strategized to enhance evolve FCU's online safety features, mobility, and capabilities. Moving forward, these changes will open new windows of opportunity for bringing back the Patronage Dividend* to our members in the very near future.

Let us dive into what exactly the Patronage Dividend* is and how you can calculate your payouts.

The Patronage Dividend* Explained.

The Patronage Dividend* is simply the sum of your account's average daily balances of all shares and loans (Signature, Vehicle, and mortgage) for the calendar year. The neat thing is that you can keep track of your dividend payout by utilizing the convenient Patronage Dividend* Payout Calculator.

The calculator is a very resourceful tool to take advantage of for multiple reasons:

• It helps you stay on track with your loan and deposit balances
• It helps you determine what Membership Plan you have (Basic, Plus, Platinum, or Diamond Elite)
• It calculates your estimated Patronage Dividend* payout for you!

Here is an example scenario of a calculation input:

Based on the information generated by the calculator, we can determine that this member's membership level is Diamond Elite and that their estimated Patronage Dividend* payout is:

$1,506.74 + $6.94 = $1,513.68

Think of all you can do with that additional money… recover from holiday spending, save it for your upcoming vacation, give a mortgage payment, etc.!

How is the Patronage Dividend* Paid Out?

Each year, the Board of Directors reviews the distribution of the Patronage Dividend*. If approved, then:

• The Patronage Dividend* becomes reportable on IRS Form 1099-INT and 1099-MISC tax filing documents
• All share dividends earned from share account and loan balances are reported on IRS Form 1099-INT

Then, VUALAH! Your Patronage Dividend* will then be electronically deposited into your Savings account! That earned dividend is now available for you to use as you wish. It is that simple.

As evolve FCU prepares for a successful calendar year and the return of the Patronage Dividend, we encourage you to do the same! Begin by understanding what your Membership status is and what benefits are available to you. Utilize the Patronage Dividend calculator to help you gauge what your payout can potentially be. Finally, if you have not already, make the most of your financial well-being by making evolve FCU your financial institution of choice. Together, we make the credit union difference.

*The Board of Directors must approve the distribution of the Patronage Dividend each year. Visit our website at at the Patronage Dividend tab for Eligibility Criteria. Not all primary members will receive a dividend due to non-qualifying factors. evolve FCU is Federally Insured by NCUA.