Make A Wish

This year, evolve Federal Credit Union is once again honored to help sponsor the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As supporters of the organization last year, several credit union employees had the chance to volunteer their time as wish granters, an experience that allowed them to become directly involved with each of the children and their families.

A wish granter acts as the intermediary between the Make-A-Wish organization’s administrative office and the wish families. The wish granters job is to meet with the family and determine what the child’s wish is, a task that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Once the wish has been established, wish granters work to make the experience as memorable as possible.

Being a wish granter means having the opportunity to spend time with a family on a personal level. Often times wish granter grow much closer to the families than they ever thought they would, and even continue to stay in touch with their wish families - following their wish child’s progress long after his or her wishes have been granted.

In 2012, two evolve FCU employees became wish granters for Bobby Garcia, a high schooler who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, otherwise know as ALL. Bobby’s initial wish was a trip to Hawaii. But with his declined immune system, this wish is simply not attainable and he was forced to amend his wish. Today, he is wishing for an AKC certified chocolate labrador retriever puppy. Bobby hopes to one day have his future companion become a service dog, allowing him to volunteer at hospitals and bring cheer to the patients “Leuk” visits. In September of last year, Bobby began treatment at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas when his health began to worsen after undergoing treatment in El Paso. Since then his health continues to improve and he is expected to be back in El Paso in April.

Two additional evolve FCU employees became wish granters for Sammie Almeraya, a teenager attending Franklin High School. As a soccer fan, Sammie is a part of his school’s team and dreams of one day meeting his soccer idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. His wish could be granted at any time and his family hopes it will be realized within the next few months. In the meantime, he has been keeping busy attending parties hosted by other local companies looking to help the children of Make-A-Wish.

As the credit union moves forward with the program, its employees and wish granters look forward to the new families they’ll meet and the new children whose wishes they’ll help make come true. Those who have volunteered as wish granters take pleasure in knowing that for a brief moment in these children’s lives, they are given the chance to live outside of the doctors, hospital, medical tests and other related despondencies their illness demands. This is the power of wish granting.



How To Avoid Fees

Fees, we all hate them, and evolve Federal Credit Union, like every other financial institution, has them – they are just a part of life.  So, we wanted to take a moment to discuss some of the more common ones that we see our members encountering – in the hopes that we can save you some hassle and money – and who wouldn’t love that?

Overdraft Fees

Unfortunately, overdraft fees happen. For instance, you’re out on the weekend doing a bit of shopping, you get excited about a good sale, and bam! – you’ve overdrawn your account and are smacked with a fee. But there are ways this could have been avoided - and the best one is with the evolve FCU app for your smart phone, which you can get in the Apple App Store or Google Play. By using the app you will be able to check your balance from anywhere and transfer money before you overdraw your account - fee saved!

Credit vs. Debit

The main point that you need to know is that debits are automatically pulled from your account at the time you swipe your card while credits have to be processed. You would be surprised at how many people do not know this. For example, when you are at the gas station and you run your evolve FCU card as credit - the gas station, not evolve FCU, will put a hold on your account for a larger amount until the credit card company processes the payment. So, if you do not have enough cash in your account to cover the hold and you continue using your card you will overdraw your account and be charged a fee. So if your account is not overflowing with money:

1. Make sure you keep checking your account balance with the evolve FCU app.
2. Run your card as debit to make sure there are no holds placed on your account.


In an effort to be more green and save some money, evolve FCU offers electronic statements that are emailed to you once a month.  Now, you do have the option of receiving paper statements, but that will cost you $1 per statements.  So, if you are wanting to save some cash just log into online and set yours to eStatements, for a video on how to do that go to:
eBills is a convenient tool for paying your bills if you have signed up for it, and if you have, make sure you use it.  Most people don't know that if you are signed up for the online bill pay services and you don't use it you will be charge a small fee - so use it or lose it, because if you are not using online bill pay each month you are just flushing money down the drain.

Transfer Fees

Transfers of funds between accounts is free online, on mobile devices and using M.A.R.S. – no, not the planet, that would be just silly, the Mobile Automated Response System. Although, if you want to use our member service representatives (these are the real people) - we do charge - the first time is free, but a small fee will be assessed from then on.


ATM Fees

They are terrible, but if you are an ePriority account holder we will reimburse some of those fees.  Just look for the Allpoint, CU Anytime, or CO-OP logos worldwide and you can use those for free, FREE! Don’t forget that you can use the evolve FCU smartphone app to find one of those 71,000 fee free ATMS in the US & Canada near you.



Shared Branching

FREE and ALL OVER!  From withdrawing money to making a car loan payment – you can do almost everything you do at your local branch at any shared branch credit union - whether in El Paso or New York City! To find a shared branch near you, check out:

Escheat vs. Dormant Fees

Escheat means to remit property - in this case, money, which goes to the State, Dormant Fees are fees collected by the credit union.  A new law has set a limit of 3 years for inactivity on all accounts - so what does that mean to you? This means that you need to have some sort of activity – such as a transfer, deposit, or withdraw - just something - at least once every three years. If you don't, the credit union is obligated to close the account and send the money to the State, with the exception of the dormant fee that we charge for maintaining the account – fees that you will never get back. Once money has been escheated to the State, it is the responsibility of the account owner, or their heirs – not the credit union - to contact the State when attempting to retrieve the escheated funds.

For more information on our fees and services just please visit: