Member Audio Response System (MARS) allows you to access your accounts from a touch-tone phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is a telephone service connected directly to our computer system that gives members access to account information and allows transactions within accounts.

How To Use MARS

  • Using a touch-tone telephone call (915) 593-5874 locally or 1-888-USE-MARS (1-888-873-6277) toll free.
  • Enter your credit union account number followed by the pound (#) sign.
  • Enter your access code followed by the pound (#) sign.
  • You can either have the Menu Mode or the Expert Mode set up for you on MARS. Menu Mode will walk you through the system step-by-step. The Expert Mode is a faster version utilizing a simple service code followed by the pound (#) sign to access information.

Tips About MARS

  • Savings refers to your Regular Share Account.
  • Share refers to all savings account vehicles including Term Share Certificates, IRAs and Club Accounts.
  • Enter dates as six digit numbers. Example: June 1, 1997 would be entered as 060197.
  • Dollar amounts are entered as six digit numbers. Example: $1,000 would be entered as 100000#.
  • All of your accounts have ID numbers. Many of your selections require account IDs in order to access information.

List Of Basic IDs To Access Your Accounts

  • Savings: 00
  • Checking: 20
  • IRA: 05
  • Club Account: 02-03

Customizing Your Access Code

After accessing MARS, you can customize your four-digit access code whenever you feel that you need to change it.

  1. From Menu Mode - enter 7 for "Additional Options‚ then 2 for "Change Preference".
  2. From the "Change Preference Menu" select 1 to "Change Access Code".
  3. From Expert Mode - select 82#

MARS Menu Mode

This is a step-by-step menu that leads you through each transaction. This mode is ideal for first-time users or beginners. You can switch to Expert Mode at any time by going to the "Additional Options Menu." You will need to know your account IDs to access information in the Menu Mode.

To find out what IDs you have for share and savings accounts go to "List of Open Accounts" under Balance Inquiry."

To find out what Loan IDs you have for loans go to "List of Open Loans" under the Loan Information Menu." To end your calls in the Menu Mode press the pound (#) key.