Blog Article: February 15, 2023
Credit Cards. Most of us have them. In fact, the Census Bureau estimates 183 million Americans have credit cards. According to, cards with the lowest interest rates nation-wide range from 16.24%-29.24% from lenders such as Capital One, Citi and Bank of America. We don’t know about you, but these rates don’t seem low at all. And if you are one of the two in five Americans making a New Year’s Resolution to save more money this year, managing a high-interest credit card is not going to help you meet your goals anytime soon. Our Classic credit card has a fixed APR* rate as low as 9.25 for well qualified applicants. In addition, members can take advantage of 0% APR* for 12 months on balance transfers done within the first three months. If your resolution was to take control of your finances this year, what better way to do it than with a 0% interest on your balance? By planning accordingly, you can pay off your current debt in 12 months, interest free. In addition to low rates, our credit cards come with a range of added benefits which include technology, no annual fees, cash back rewards and security.
When it comes to your finances, being able to easily manage your money is a must. When you have a credit card from evolve FCU, you’ll have access to our mobile banking app, as well as the ability to add your new card to your electronic wallet, making purchases a breeze. Our mobile app allows you to view your credit card balance, transactions and make payments. We understand the importance of being able to bank on your time, from anywhere.

No Annual Fees
You might find that some credit cards charge an annual fee for maintenance and administrative costs. On top of already high interest rates, you could also be paying a fee just to carry the card in your wallet. evolve FCU credit cards not only have a competitive interest rate, there are no annual fees associated with your card. So you’ll save money both ways and that sounds like a smart way to bank if you ask us.

Cash Back Rewards
Our rewards credit card not only has a great interest rate, it also features cash back rewards. When you choose a rewards card from evolve FCU, you’ll earn 1% cash back* on all purchase transactions, including daily purchases such as groceries or coffee.

Our credit cards are backed by the MasterCard protection. In addition, our mobile app allows you to set up alerts that will keep you up to date on activity such as login alerts, or balance changes.
When you’re ready to let an evolve FCU credit card help you reach your financial goals, you can apply online in minutes!


* APR is Annual Percentage Rate. All credit cards subject to credit approval. Rates based on credit history and underwriting factors. Restrictions and limitations may apply for each. Refer to the Application and Solicitation Disclosure. The Consumer Credit Card Agreement and Disclosure together with the Credit Card Account Opening Disclosure of the selected card govern the terms, conditions, and fees associated to the specific card. There is a balance transfer fee of 1% for each balance transfer requested. Federally Insured by NCUA. Equal Housing Lender.